Thursday, December 11, 2008

If Anyone Still Reads This

The semester is over and I made it out alive, as a matter of fact I made it out with an A in Hebrew even though I was sick twice and missed several classes. I got a B in Greek translation and a C in Greek Exegesis, Hey I'll take it, Dr. Waters grades tough!

I got a new Palm Centro last weekend and am loving it. We switched to Sprint with their unlimited data plan and get live streaming NFL network 24/7. Yeah, I am the only one in the family who is loving that, but I AM loving that. I loaded up all of my Olive Tree software on Sunday and the free ereader and now have a library of several hundred books with me wherever I go. I love this thing, I thought the small keyboard and screen would be a pain but neither is true. The keyboard is amazingly easy to use considering the size and the screen, with the high-res, is easy on the eyes. I know many do not like the Palm OS but I am used to it and am kind of excited about the new OS coming out next year. I highly recommend the Centro.