Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dragon Excerpts

I am using Dragon Naturally Speaking to take notes for my Pastoral Counseling class. Today my wife came in and started talking to me, I forgot to sleep the mike, when I went back to work my notes had this in the middle of them.

a. I later got you want to hear that you are pretty good home cooking or what seven dollars $3.02 dollars will come on, after all the money he made his fame yesterday eight dollars for his haircut or even a diet red great to have that irony. Oh for how much he is as early about the hate and re transfers take you out of the house to go to surgery no post tomorrow Friday for a new government take over lunch at the OU where I'll attend affiliate in me okay okay, I read, so it would if he doesn't get a 4530 ministry accuracy should leave that he has to be kinky, Mike D. Blair yesterday with a thin denial discouraging they can't people have plans. So it was simply my knowing a picture. I hate my stomach when I don't have turns their own nursery homes to. Are you Andrew always do a matter of, you can go up

Oh well, back to work