Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Since when do we get to plan God's miracles?

This is blasphemous. Where in scripture does it say to plan Holy Spirit miracle crusades? The pride and arrogance running rampant in the word-faith community is disturbing. I have to say that the leaders, at least, show much proof of their unbelief. From their utter inability to exegete scripture to their constant false prophesies, these men and, unfortunately, women show themselves to be wolves in sheep's clothing— although they usually dress in finer linen than wool.


Rev. Lane Keister said...

Alan, nice to meet you. Thanks for linking to my blog. I will return the favor.

Rev. Lane Keister said...

P.S. I am greenbaggins.

Anonymous said...

That's what we get for preserving religious freedom for all, rather than just for those we agree with, as in former days. We must put up with the bad along with enjoying the freedom of the good.

Speaking of the Netherlands, I saw an old, short film on AMC (American Movie Classics--or, was it Turner Classic Movies?) about the tulip industry in that country. It dawned on me: no wonder they started calling the doctrines of grace TULIP! That is where Dort is, you know.