Thursday, October 11, 2007

Alice Cooper News

So my friend, the administrative assistant at a church I used to attend, started this blog about Alice Cooper. It has many video's of him, commercials, interviews, and stuff. You should check it out. The interview on the latest post is pretty interesting. You can find it here. I am also linking to it in my fun stuff links section.


Anonymous said...

How excited I was to see this post. That was a pretty good video. It would be worth the price (were it for sale) just to have footage of Alice Cooper saying "I love Charles Stanley" and "I love Sproul."

Any minute now, Rod Serling's going to step around the corner and begin narrating. . . What's that music I hear?

So, did you catch Dr. Horton on 60 minutes last night?

Alan said...

Yes I watched it. It was all to short for my taste, but that's what I expected

mini ministry webservant said...

Wow, cool. Didn't know the Alice Reel would strike such a chord. (If you're visiting for the first time, look for the Harvest Show interview everyone's talking about.)

Oh, and in case anyone's interested I also have a little ministry blog/site as well. Might check that out too. :)