Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I went to a regular doctor today after months spent with a chiropractor. She told me I have osteo-arthritis, basically I am falling apart at age 40. I go back in two weeks and then will get an opportunity to see a specialist. In the meantime I have some pain medicine and that's about it. The pain has been getting steadily worse over the last few months and it looks like I will have to find a way to deal with it. Knowing that has not lessened it, but I guess I will learn to live with it. I might be able to get a cortisone shot to help but there is not much else to do. So, I am now moving forward with my application to seminary and hope to have a destination locked up by the end of April. I will try and post a bit more regular than I have been and hope this pain medicine helps some.


John D. Chitty said...

What a shame, Alan. But God will give you the grace to live with it. I'll pray for you.

James said...

I'll pray for you too Alan... keep us posted.

Rhea said...


I just read this post. I had been out of the country for about a week on a missions trip. I'll definitely be praying for you.