Friday, October 8, 2010

Rick Warren

Rick spoke at this years DGNC, I am still miffed as to why John Piper had him but he did. Much has been made of Rick's no show at the conference. Some say he did not want the pressure of having to answer direct questions from well-read reformed Christians. Personally I have no way of knowing the real reason Warren appeared via video message but this I do know. Rick Warren's character is above reproach. If he says he has persons close to him in need that require his presence in Southern California I believe him. As to his message, well, once a heretic.....

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John D. Chitty said...

Heard part of Warren's message on the Fighting for the Faith podcast. Beyond that, I haven't been following the post-conference chatter. Do these well-read Reformed critics of Warren's think that he was telling a bold-faced lie?

As for Piper's thinking in inviting Warren to the conference, it just confirms to me the conclusion I came to about Piper after an extended period of reading and listening to his messages. Too much of a loose cannon for me, but that's just me. I recognize what other Reformed folks appreciate about his ministry, but the rest, in my book makes him less reliable as a source. His opinion of Doug Wilson, and now Warren are indicative of this unreliability.

Samuel C said...

Hi John D Chitty,

May I know what you mean by a "loose cannon" when you referred to Piper? It'll be very helpful if you defined that. Thanks.


Alan said...

Hi Samuel,
I think what John is talking about is Piper's questionable decisions regarding who he has speak at his conferences. Rick Warren is not exactly a reformed stalwart, actually he is a Pelagian. Piper also has recently had Federal Visionist Douglas Wilson at a conference.

Anonymous said...

You need to read James 3 over and over again.