Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Grammar Again?

It has been my experience in general that Arminians do not spend the time to learn the original languages, and many of those who do abandon their Armininan views. It is true at my Arminian undergrad school we had a Greek professor who was Arminian, but he also was a higher criticism adherant and whenever we would dialog about the Greek text he would time after time appeal to his knowledge instead of appealing to the text. Frustrating to say the least, he actually claimed at one point that the translators of Romans for the NIV were Calvinists, that is why it appears the doctrines of grace are in the book. I gently reminded him that Romans was written by a Calvinist. In the following CrossTV video JR is James White from Alpha and Omega ministries and Dave is Dave Hunt an Arminian who attacks Calvinism whenever he can. By the way, Dave has no understanding of Greek. Watch and learn a bit more about Greek grammar.


Sweet Mummy said...

Alan, this is totally off topic. I need your e-mail address because YOU WON one of the prizes in my contest!! Congratulations!! I need to get your prize to you!

Rhea said...

RYC on emailing Mr. Osteen:

You said:

"I am warning sheep about a wolf. I am not saying you are wrong just do not feel bad when you are sounding an alarm."

Thanks a lot for this. It really encouraged me that stepping out and commenting/criticizing Mr. Osteen (or anyone else who claims to be a Christian yet claims falsehoods as truth) was the right thing to do. I don't think that it's good to point out every single nit-picky thing that a minister (or any Christian) says....there's no one that I'm going to agree with completely 100% of the time, BUT, you're right in that it IS important that when a minister (or any other Christian) says something that it BLANTENTLY and OVERTLY contrary to God's Word, we MUST warn other Christians out there of the falsehoods that this person is preaching/teaching as truth. I think that this is ESPECIALLY important for those who are young in their faith.

Andrew Toth said...

Hi there, just dropping you a message because I looked up your site. I'll read it some more when I am not sleepy and have more time, but I did enjoy this post :-)

BradyLee said...

Nice video.
I reminded me of America's Most Wanted.

These verses have penetrated my heart in a big way again recently; I put some of them on my wall. What encouragement it is for the saints!