Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bible Study Logos Style

Logos Bible Software, which I have endorsed here often, has just announced their plans to publish 2,000 new titles a year! That is not a misprint 2,000 titles a year. If you have not taken the plunge and invested in this amazing study tool I urge you to do so now. It will not be long before Libronix will replace my entire paper library and the benefits of electronic study can never be reproduced will a manual endeavor. Please take time to look into Logos/Libronix and tell them I sent you.

Logos is having a blog contest urging all of us bloggers to blog about it. This is my blog post about it. It is running for two weeks and then the Logos blog will publish links to all the blogs. I can't wait to read what those more creative than myself have to say. You can read about the contest here.


Rhea said...


I'm somewhat new to Logos...I've heard you mention them a few times, and finally decided to check out the website and what they have to offer. I was looking into this: The price seems very reasonable for everything that you get.

One question though....would you say, that for the most part, the Bible commentaries and outlines (and similar thigns) that Logos has are reformed in nature, or Arminian, or do they present both sides, or perhaps meet more in the middle? Would you say that they cater to both (reformed and not) or mostly one or the other? Just curious about this....

Alan said...

I think you would be wonderfully blessed by entering into the world of Logos. I would suggest, however, you begin with the Bible Study Library. You get a whole lot more valuable resources and if you call 800-875-6467 and ask for Jared and tell him I sent you(Alan Gielczyk) he will give you 25% off which would bring the cost of the Bible Study Library under $200.

Logos is not reformed or arminian. They publish from all different perspectives. However if you are interested there is a site with hundreds of mostly reformed books for the Libronix engine, that is what drives the Logos software, and believe it or not, they are all free. They use the personal book builder utility Logos has produced so they are not quite as professional as what you would buy, but hey, they are free and integrate well into your library. Here is the site:
but if you do invest I will share with you a simple way of downloading every book on that site effortlessly. Let me know how it goes.

In Christ
PS-If you still want the Christian Home Library Jared will give you 25% off that as well I just think the next level up is well worth the investment.

Rhea said...


Thanks for the info. At the moment, I don't have the money, but hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to purchase it. Thanks a lot for your help with this....I wouldn't have even known where to start :-)