Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seeking Greek Advice

Maybe it's just the excitement of preparing for seminary but I am studying Greek on my own and yesterday I was working on demonstrative pronouns and found myself just plain struggling. If any of you Greek scholars out there could let me know what you think or if there are any tricks my distracted mind might have missed I would greatly appreciate it. I am going to go back to verbs today and probably spend a couple of weeks with those and nouns before I try and tackle the participles before class begins.


Rhea said...

My knowledge of Greek doesn't go any farther than my own name (did you know that Rhea is the mother of Zeus in Greek mythology?).

But perhaps if you'd eat some gyros and salad with feta cheese, you would somehow absorb some of the Greek language ;-)

Alan said...

I can always count on Rhea for profound words of wisdom, thanks so much:)

Rhea said...


"Being profound" is one of my life goals :-)

I do hope that your Greek study goes better.