Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hitting Nails On Their Heads

I am so tired of arguing and debating with people to lazy to learn the rules of Hermeneutics or to understand exegesis takes work, eisegesis does not so they end up using the latter. I am tired of people who push the American Democratic mindset onto the Church of Jesus Christ who could not care less if we are Americans. I am tired of talking with people who are so arrogant as to say they just need their Bible and do not need creeds, confessions or to read any of the great theologians who have come before us. Why do I call them arrogant? Because what they are really saying is they are better suited to interpret the scriptures than Augustine, Calvin, Luther, Edwards et al.

What got me so worked up? You may ask. Well it was this video from James White. He is absolutely correct with everything he said and if we could get people to start teaching the Heidleberg Catechism or the Westminster Confession of Faith instead of 12 weeks "Seeking Him," or "7 Steps to Financial Freedom" the Church would not be in this mess it is in now.

One more note before the video. I once had a pastor who told me I did not need the "Early Church Fathers," because I might look at them only once or twice in my lifetime. I think that is indicative of a serious problem when a pastor thinks that way about the great men who laid the foundations of our faith. Once or twice in my lifetime? Are you kidding me? I now own them and look at them once or twice a day! Enough babbling, please watch this video and hear what he is saying.

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