Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now This Is Exegesis!

I mentioned exegesis and eisegesis in a previous post. Let me explain, exegesis is pulling the meaning out of the text, it is getting to the proper meaning. Eisegesis is putting onto the text a preconceived notion, making the text say what you want it to say. I have had much experience with the latter, we all have to some degree, we like to practice it, it is something we do without even realizing it. Now I had help from my church and the school I was attending but I have to say both institutions drove me to the scriptures until I got the hang of exegesis and then my world changed. This video is an example of precision exegesis, I hope you will watch and learn.


RHEA said...


Thanks for explaining the difference in the two. It's not something that I've heard a lot of in my life as a Christian.

Tony said...

Alan - That's the problem with many topical sermons - scripture is pulled out of context to make a point, maybe a good point, but if we just pull scripture out and use it however we want we diminish is true meaning. Thanks for the work here.

Alan said...

Welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy your time here. My pastor has said it is ok to preach a topical sermon occasionally as long as you repent immediately following it.:) I will check out your blog as time permits, if you have not noticed we have a daughter's graduation party Saturday, graduation Sunday, I have trips to St. Louis and Michigan, my wife has trips to Minnesota, and Chicago for a week of teaching and we move on June 21st so I can begin seminary on June 30th. We are stretched a bit thin for a few more weeks.