Friday, June 20, 2008

I Used To Live In Cedar Rapids

The devastation in Cedar Rapids is beyond belief. As I drove around town crossing the bridges that just days ago were under water I can't imagine what this town will be like when/if they recover. I have heard of at least three major employers that are reportedly not going to reopen leaving tens of thousands without work. I said last week I can't imagine the long-term economic impact of this flood but it is not going to be pretty. All I can say with just hours left here is praise the Lord we did not suffer as some have. It would have been emotionally incapacitating to loose everything a week before moving.

Now we are leaving tomorrow with whatever we can fit in our 17' truck. If you live here and are not busy at 8:00 am stop by and give us a hand. I will be gone most of the time, my wife has come up with some errand for me to run so I will not feel useless as I can't help load the truck. One of them will be to take the one cat we have not found a home for to the shelter. We do not want to do this but after contacting hundreds of people and not finding any takers we are left with no other choice. If you read this today and would like to keep this incredibly loving feline out of harms way please let me know as soon as possible.

I hope to be back to writing more regularly as we settle into our new home on the campus of Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS. I am sure my classes will give me plenty to write about so stay tuned.

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tony said...

I look forward to hearing about your experiences at seminary.