Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Praise The Lord!

I have been living with pain in my right hip for almost a year and a half now. It had been getting progressively worse until I started physical therapy and seeing a Doctor of Osteopathy. These seem to have helped a bit over the last 2-3 months. I have seen 5 doctors and been more frustrated with this than anything I have had to go through in my entire life. Last Saturday I found a sample of something my mom used to use, it is called Biofreeze and we put it on my hip and it seemed to relieve the pain a bit. Lisa called a chiropractor here, my mom used to get it from her chiropractor, and we found one who was not open on Saturdays, apparently the phone number was his cell, but he agreed to go to his office and sell us a tube. I found this odd but chalked it up to "southern hospitality" and we drove over to his office about a mile from our new home. The doctor pulled into the lot next to us just minutes after we arrived. He got out of the car, looked at me reclined in the passenger seat, and said "You're in pain aren't you?" I said yes and he told me to get out of the car. We went into his office and he did some "voodoo" magic that consisted of my putting my right hand on different muscles and seeing if I could resist his pushing down my left arm, him mumbling to himself, getting out a cylindrical steel instrument that seemed to work on the same principal as a retractable pen, thumping me on the hip with it 3 or 4 times and then telling me to walk. I was dumbfounded, I could walk upright, without my cane and, most importantly, without pain!

It did not last long but I went back today for an appointment, he adjusted me, thumped me on the hip again with his cylindrical miracle instrument and I was pain free. I have to say I will be going back to this worker of God's true healing power until I am completely well, which he says will happen. He said his wife had the same thing, they are both chiropractors, for eight years before he ran across and article in a journal that introduced him to this wonder tool. All I can say is I was pretty sure we moved to Mississippi because I am called to preach the gospel, but I am absolutely sure I ended up at RTS because this 68 year old, semi-retired chiropractor happened to providentially practice a mile from the seminary. Praise the Lord for sure!


Gage Browning said...

PTL! Indeed, smiling providences often follow frowning ones.

Gage Browning
Post Tenebras Lux

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion but try taking a half teaspoon of certo with a small glass of purple grape juice every morning. It works for my dad?
Also, I noticed you have "truth matters" on your blog role. I went to school with Josh at Lititz Christian and have not seen him for years. In case you did not know I wanted to mention that his mother has cancer and is asking for prayer.