Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome To Jackson Mississippi!

My wife and I were on our way home from opening our account at a local Credit Union when we were inexplicably diverted from our road. So we turned around and went down to 80 and made our way to a street that would put us straight into the seminary grounds. As we were driving we noticed several police going in a couple of different directions after a police car passed us on our right while heading east on 80. The police car that passed us on 80 did not have its lights on, which did not strike us as unusual until this evening. After that car had passed us we saw at least 25 police cars with lights flashing, sirens going, and driving as fast as they could. When we made it back to the seminary we found out that a Jackson police officer had been shot less than a mile from the seminary by two men who had robbed a title office. As we sat here this evening discussing the day's events it occurred to me that the police car that passed us did not have its lights on and was driven by and African-American man without a hat, don't ask me why I noticed this I don't know, so I concluded it was one of the alleged perps, always wanted to say that, who had taken the downed officers car and made his way down to where we were and just a bit further south before he was apprehended. My wife was shocked at the realization. All my Greek prof could say was "Welcome to Jackson!" He also mentioned he had lived in California, Boston, Louisville, England, and Mississippi and by far Mississippi was the most foreign. More foreign than England!!! Yes indeed, welcome to Jackson Mississippi.

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Andrew Barnes said...

You kinda get used to it.