Friday, November 30, 2007

Do We Really Have Free Will?

This short piece is by someone I believe is not a Christian but it sure makes one think . My these non-Christians seem to be on to something.

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Mark M said...

Hi Alan. I'd be interested to know your answer to the question: How does human choice enter into the picture, regarding our salvation?

Alan said...

Sure Mark, Johnathan Edwards does a marvelous job of explaining this and I will try and do justice it. Free will is the mind choosing. We have free will, I nor anyone I know will deny this, however, we will always choose according to our nature. It is not until our nature is changed by God that we can and do choose to follow Him and desire to obey His commandments. Thus regeneration precedes faith. Salvation is entirely of the Lord. Obedience is ours once He saves us. Does this answer your question?

Mark M said...

Good answer. Thanks.