Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rick Warren, Heretic!

If you do not believe me when I call Rick Warren a heretic, maybe you will believe him. Here he is in his own words, using his own voice, denying Biblical truth. Rick Warren is preaching all Law and no Gospel, this is heresy of the first order because he is leading so many astray.

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The Traditional Anti-Traditionalist said...

The rightness and wrongness of Warren's sermon all depends on the audience he is trying to reach. If he is speaking to the lost and claiming that the presented way is how a person comes to salvation, then yes, his sermon is one of error. But if he is speaking to believers and training them to be more Christ-like then, no he is not in the wrong. If telling believers that works is the proof of ones faith (Warren mentions that in the beginning of the video) is wrong, then James, Paul, and even Jesus was wrong. Jesus said "GO!", James said faith without works is dead, and Paul said that pure religion is helping widows and orphans in time of need. Salvation is through grace alone. But that salvation is proven through works.

On the issue of Warren, it all depends on his audience. I believe he was speaking to believers. I've read the book.

Etuhs said...

I am shocked that a Rick Warren, in his inauguration prayer, would claim to have his life changed by “Isa”, the “Jesus in Islam”. This “Isa” is NOT the messiah foretold in the canon of Old Testament scriptures. “Isa” is NOT the messiah fulfilled in the canon New Testament scriptures. This “Isa” is not God’s only begotten son proclaimed in Matthew 3:17 “…This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”.

According to the Islamic uninspired and heretical Qur’an:

“Isa, was a prophet of Islam”
“Isa received his revelation of Islam in the form of a book”
“Muhammad himself verified all previous revelations, including the revelation to ‘Isa”
“Isa is referred to as the ‘Word of Allah’”
“Isa’s mother Mariam, (sister of Aaron and Moses) gave birth to him in a desolate place under a date palm tree”
“Isa spoke as a baby in the cradle”
“Isa foretold the coming of Muhammad”
“Isa did not die on a cross; he was not killed or crucified”
“Isa did not die, but ascended to Allah”
“Christians and Jews who disbelieve in Muhammad will go to hell”
“Islam must fight against Christians and Jews who refuse Islam until they surrender, pay the poll-tax and are humiliated”
“Christians are commanded not to believe that ‘Isa is the son of God”
“Isa was simply a created human being and a slave of Allah”
“The doctrine of the Trinity is disbelief and a painful doom awaits those who believe it”
“Isa is the destroyer of Christianity”

According to the internationally viewed and transcribed spoken testament of Rick Warren, in President Obama’s Inauguration, he willingly claims to have his life changed by “Isa”. He deceptively believes, and is propagating the lie, that “Isa” is same as Jesus the Christ, the one and only Son of God, a member of the Holy Trinity, and the lamb that was slain for the forgiveness of sin for the entire world. By his own mouth, he is a heretic.

Do not let his notoriety convince you to blindly follow him. In fact, we should study to show our selves approved unto God. Given what I have found through simple Internet searches and the study of the Word of God there should be GREAT concern for the legitimacy of Rick Warren and his preaching.

For source see or checkout "Jesus in Islam" on Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

Hey - I have gathered that James writes from the perspective that its readers are already saved by grace, through faith and then following that comes works. It seems to be divine order, and when I say that, I mean 1. grace 2. faith 3. works. If grace is not #1 then there is a problem, and Warren seems to forget the order, or completely skip over grace, and that is where the problem seems to be.

Greg T. said...

Sounds like Rick Warren might be a closet Covenant theologian, you know, those guys who teach that the Ten Commandments are part of the Covenant of Grace. Who could trust the judgment of anyone who is so ignorant of grace!