Thursday, November 15, 2007

A True Dichotomy, Paul Washer.

I was browsing around looking at videos for the previous post and found some more Paul Washer videos I just felt I had to post. It does seem like I spend more time on negative posts at least as far as the videos go, so here are some positive ones. Well I mean that the content is truthful.

Is not the difference between Paul Washer and Rick Warren clear? Rick Warren sells millions of books, tickling people's ears. Paul Washer does not get invited back to most of the places at which he speaks. Preach on brother Paul!!
To hear more of Paul Washer go here.


Able Answer said...
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Mark M said...

Good preaching.

By the way, for the record, I've never listened to Rick Warren preach (other than your short posts), nor have I read any of his books except The Purpose-Driven Church. So I can't compare Paul Washer's preaching to Rick Warren's.

Brady said...

Oh Paul Washer! I praise God for him. The church that I'm about to join is pastored by a man that is friends with him.

Jay Dyer said...

Except that Paul Washer is a heretic. I know him personally.