Friday, May 8, 2009

Paul Washer

I pray that one day I have half this mans boldness.


Donna Bragg said...

AWESOME!!! I have seen other videos of him and he is good. He preaches the truth!! I say, "PREACH ON MY BROTHER". I believe today there are many churches preaching a modern day message and it is not the gospel truth. There are many who think they are on their way to HEAVEN and they are really on their way to the lake of fire. It is sooo sad.

My passion is to street witness. I want to tell others the gospel truth and nothing else.

GOD Bless you!

Again, loved the message. I hope others will watch it and be convicted by it.

Your sister in CHRIST,

Ken said...


First, I'd love to get together sometime. I like to come out to the seminary and lunch with students on occasion. YOu up for that?

Second, this sounds like fairly experiential preaching! :-)