Friday, September 7, 2007

The 50 Most Influential Churches?

So, my wife is applying for a job with Logos Bible Software, and one of the things required in their most interesting and entertaining application process is to provide the url where she would find a list of the 5o most influential churches. Since one of the requirements for the job is writing blog posts, she created a blog to display her answers to their questions, along with her resume and cover letter (you can check it out here). Her surgery and recovery time have delayed her completing the scavenger hunt they prescribed to apply for the job. Today she resumed working on this maze of information gathering, and found that someone had discovered her blog and commented on it. At first we found this entertaining, but after searching around a bit, she discovered there appears to be a controversy around the "magazine" that puts out the list, specifically the man in charge.

If you are interested in reading about this story, here are some links:

I also have a question for those who wish to comment (I know more of you read than comment but I am interested in everyone's opinion on this, so I hope you will all step up and let me know what you think). Do you think Lisa should mention the controversy in her application for the job?


Anonymous said...

Tough call on that... I think it would be more important to swap out the Logos corporate logo with the beige background for the white background ones from the Logos image gallery. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, if the blog your wife made is part of the application process, it looks like someone did it for her.

Is Logos somehow professionally beholden to Christy? Would this be the reason they asked her to blog find the Church Report List?

Lisa G. said...

Thanks, anonymous! I didn't even see that because I'm working on a laptop. I had to tip the screen back to see it, but I'll get it changed!

Lisa G. said...

Hi John,

It sounds like you're on the side against Christy. Do you have any more information that might help me understand this issue?

Mrs. Gielczyk

Anonymous said...

I haven't taken sides, but someone who is dogged by so many lawsuits can't be doing everything right. I just wondered if Logos Software is somehow connected with his business endeavors.

Dad said...

This article exposing Mr. Christy is already bearing fruit:

1.) Mr. Christy's fake Impact America PAC is gone. It was taken down on August 10, 2007. It was at; an archive of the site is still available online at

2.) Potential and present advertisers have been warned that there is no print version of "The Church Report." Christy has removed the print advertising rates from his website. An archive of the print rate card is still available online at

3.) Ministries that contributed editorial content have been notified that their good names were being used to give credibility to a scam.

4.) Past errors are less likely to be repeated. It is highly unlikely that any ministry will appoint Jason Christy to a leadership position, or that he will be given a national platform to speak for people of faith.

5.) Past victims of Mr. Christy's scams have a sense of justice. Those that have felt intimidated by Mr. Christy have some relief.

6.) The chances of success for future fraudulent schemes by Jason Christy have been dramatically diminished.