Monday, September 24, 2007

Crossing Paths with Dr. Horton

So, my wife got a contract job in southern CA. It was supposed to be for 4 days, but it turned into 8, so I flew to San Diego Saturday night. I looked up Christ URC on the internet and got directions from the hotel we are staying at in Hemet. It's about 80 miles, so we got up early Sunday morning and took a scenic drive to the church. Rev. Michael Brown preached on Genesis 37, and I was not disappointed. He preached the Law and the Gospel like no one I have heard except my former pastor in St. Louis, Scott Churnock. (As an aside if you would like to hear Scott preach you can do so here.) The people were friendly, noticing we were guests and stopping to talk with us. One of them, Beth, asked what we thought about the sermon. I told her it was great, and she smiled saying, "We get this every week!"

Then, we had the pleasure of sitting under Dr. Horton teaching a Sunday school class. He taught on the Federal Vision/New Perspective on Paul with authority. My wife and I also had the opportunity to have our picture taken with Dr. Horton, so enjoy.

I will be visiting Westminster Seminary tomorrow and will be meeting with Mark Mcvay—who happens to have a sister in Cedar Rapids, where I live. Her husband also happens to teach history at Kirkwood Community College, where I happen to be taking two history classes with, you guessed it, her husband Professor Peterson. Small world, huh?

You may also hear Rev. Brown preach here. I encourage you to listen to both Rev. Brown and Rev. Churnock. They are both excellent expositors of the Word of God.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy? You mean eat my heart out! My sister moved to Covina a couple of years ago, and when I helped my brother-in-law drive a U-Haul full of furniture out one weekend, we got it all unpacked by that Sunday afternoon, just in time for a shower and a trip to Grace Community Church to learn that John MacArthur was on Sabbatical. But Mark Dever was filling the pulpit, and did a great job. Next time I go out to visit, I hope to somehow make my way to Christ Reformed Church to worship with the saints who are pastored by Dr. Kim Riddlebarger.

There, I feel better now . . .
Envy is a four-letter word. . .


Anonymous said...

So, did you tell him about your blog? And then, did you tell him about my blog, too?

Just kidding.

Alan said...

No John I did not tell him about either, however I just may do so when I return there NEXT week! I just may be joining Christ URC if my wife keeps getting work in the SD area.