Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Logos Upgrade

Logos has just announced an upgrade to their system. The new ND is now available. So if you want the latest software, that is Libronix 3.0e ND, go here and download it, it's free. They did add the TNIV and the NiRV translations to all the bundles that came with the NIV, all but the Original Languages and the Christian Home libraries. I have read some pretty spiteful comments on the newsgroups about the TNIV being released and having to pay for it. Well I ordered the upgrade, free, and it is $4.95 for the media. But the media has the latest copies of all the books included in your library, which will save much download time, and it is just plain a good idea to have the latest disks every now and then. I believe they also have some updated addin stuff but don't hold me to that.

I want to briefly address what I have been seeing conveyed about this translation. I would have to agree with everyone about the gender-neutral issue surrounding this translation and that it is a bad idea. That being said, it is done, it is out there and being out there means it has to be in your library. I think the Message is a horrible version of the Bible but I have to have it in order to know what it says and what makes it bad. I am currently doing a series on Romans 9 taken from a paper I did in undergrad school. While doing research for this I had to consult commentaries with differing theological stances than what I hold to in order to refute what they said. It is a good idea to have a well rounded library in order to be a well rounded Christian. Many volumes in the "Word Biblical Commentary" set are very bad theology but excellent scholarship that I can use and benefit from.

I think I will take this opportunity to also address another issue. The 10% Logos is charging for transfer fees of used Logos software. I do not like it either because it will now cost me more than it used to for used software. However, we are entering a new era, an era where our information is not as tangible as it used to be. There is also a huge group of "Christians" who are dedicating alot of time to pirating Bible software. This has a huge impact on Logos. Every single person who downloads free pirated versions of their software takes hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars out of their pocket. Think about it, Logos has been good to all of us. They produce by far the finest product available to us, and I for one can not wait for version 4, with hopefully another added library to increase my own. Thank God for Logos and let's keep encouraging them as they grow, move, and continue to bless us with more ebooks for our libraries.

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