Monday, February 4, 2008

My Story Part 4

One thing I became firmly convinced of early on was that a pastor should be married. I think it is vital to his well being that he have someone who will be there to listen, make suggestions, pray for and with him, and complete the man called by God. In January. 2007, after more than 2 years of praying for her, the Lord provided that person for me in one Lisa Bronson. Now, Lisa Gielczyk and I are preparing for the adventure the Lord has for us together. She is so excited to see where the ministry of the word takes us. The support she has already provided has been invaluable. One thing she encouraged me to do is to start a blog,, where I tell people of the importance of discernment, warn them about false teaching, and provide a wealth of links to other resources that expound the truth.

As I have matured in Christ, I have had many opportunities to perform varied services. I led a Sunday School class on cults; witnessed to Mormons over a three month period and would love a chance to do that again; have led Bible studies on at least four different occasions; served as the secretary of a student led ministry at my undergraduate school, which provided several preaching opportunities; worked in the school library; and went on a mission trip to Kentucky. I believe all of these have contributed toward preparing me for the ministry the Lord has prepared for my wife and me.

I have never been more certain of anything in my life than that the Lord has called me to preach Christ and Him crucified. I discussed this over time with the pastor and elders of Christ Presbyterian Church. On one occasion as one of the elders was taking time to mentor me, I questioned why all of the elders in our church had seminary degrees, yet their vocation was in the secular world. I made the comment, “I cannot see myself doing anything but preach the gospel.” He responded that is one thing they look for in confirming a calling. He said, “If you can see yourself doing something else, you should do something else. I could see myself doing something else, so I did.” I will never forget that conversation. It has helped confirm for me that I have truly been called.

The state of preaching today is in such a mess; sound, historical-redemptive, expository preaching is needed now more than ever. I am forty years old, with a wealth of experiences I know the Lord will use to his glory. It's been nearly four years since I quit drinking, and I have been on a non-stop reading binge ever since. I have read a wide range of theological works, including systematic theology, biblical theology (Vos), homiletics, hermeneutics, apologetics, and commentaries of various theological schools. With about 50 college credits including English Composition, History, Philosophy, Speech, and several Bible classes, along with two decades of life experiences, I believe I am more than fully prepared to enter and complete the MDiv. program at fill in the blank Seminary. I am including a paper I did in undergraduate school as an example of my work. My undergraduate school was a Restoration Movement, Arminian, baptismal regeneration school and I still received an A on this paper. One major reason I would like to be admitted to the degree program is my intention of pursuing doctoral studies at some point in the future. Following the completion of my MDiv., I plan on preaching the gospel until the Lord calls me home, and I pray He gives me many years to do so.

The End, So Far!


Rhea said...

A woman that I go to church with told me about how when the Mormons go door knocking in her neighborhood, she always invites them in to talk. Why? She said that she figures that it's better that she (a Christian) spend an hour or whatever talking with them, then them talking with non-Christians on her street. She'd rather take the time to witness to them, rather than them witnessing (and confusing) others in her neighborhood. I kinda think that it's a cool idea myself.

Where in Kentucky did you go for your missions trip?

GuyMuse said...

I have enjoyed getting to know you a little better through your 4-part "My Story" series. Thanks for sharing part of your pilgrimage with us. May you and your wife, Lisa, continue to follow the Lord's leadership as He guides you step by step into the next part of your ongoing story.

Anonymous said...

Nice read. Thanks for sharing it with us. May God continue to bless your ministry.