Friday, December 14, 2007


My wife just blessed me with more books for my Logos library. She gave me the Baker New Testament Commentary, the only commentary set covering the entire NT from a reformed perspective. This was accompanied by Boice's Expositional Commentaries. James Boice was pastor of Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church until his death in 2000. This set has 27 volumes covering the old and new testaments. And I finally got the package I have wanted the longest, The Essential IVP Collection. This set has 18 dictionary/encyclopedias/commentaries from IVP, several of which retail for $50 each. This set retails for well over $600 but you can add it to Logos for just over $100.

I cannot say enough great things about this software. Anyone who is not excited about this and is not jumping on board and investing in the revolution in Bible study just does not know what is passing them by. No one could see what this software can do and say "No, that's not for me." If you study the Bible at all this is for you. I have almost 2500 volumes in my library and on top of being able to do any bible/word/topic studies in a fraction of the time I could before, I can also take my entire library with me wherever I go!

I have a link on the sidebar that will take you to a short video that will show you how you can get started with this software. I promise you this, you do not need to become efficient with anything before you start using this product. It is so intuitive you can literally begin your study within minutes of installing it. You can call or email Jared Bryant at Logos and he has personally guaranteed me he will give you the best possible price on any level of software if you tell him Alan Gielczyk has referred you. Call him at (800) 875-6467 ext. 2319 or email him at Buy this product. You will fall in love with it.

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