Saturday, December 29, 2007

While I Was Relaxing

I know you all peruse the Youtube universe just as much as I do. Tonight I was looking for some old Kate Bush concert footage. I first heard Kate on the eighties weekend overnight cable show "Night Flight." They had played a concert of hers at the Hammersmith Odeon from 1979 when the talented Ms. Bush was barely nineteen years old. She has a four octave range and I was spellbound for an hour while I watched her show. I immediately went out and bought every Kate Bush album I could find.

Coming back to the present, I did find some video of her and I am including the video of "Wuthering Heights," her most famous song at the time and the number that closed the show, but I am also including a video of Kris Shred also performing this song with just his guitar. I saw his video in a search for "Kate Bush," and thought to myself "A guy and his guitar performing Kate Bush, huh, this oughta be funny." I have never been more wrong in my life. If you do not know Kate Bush, watch her video first, and then watch Mr. Shred honor her beyond belief.


Rev. Brian Carpenter said...

V1@gra cheap, safe and private!

Not a Kate Bush or Shred fan (too old now, I guess) I think I did prefer Shred's rendition, though.

I also wanted to not just be a counter statistic, but didn't want to put my stuff on an old post. So I am contumacious and clever at the same time, right?

Happy new year. When are you going to head for seminary?

Brian Carpenter

Alan said...

I would say you were clever but someone already did that on the proper post. So then I would say you were contumacious, but I spent too much time on because today was the one day a year I had to look up a word, the first day of the year no less.

Anyway, I am fully T.R. and as I read your comment on EE's blog I was wondering when exactly you were going to get out of my head. At times I question my calling as I fantasize about an ivory tower and nothing but reading time and discussions with those less informed than myself.

My intention is to go to Westminster in the fall, our daughter is a senior this year and heading off to college the same time I am.

Alan said...

Btw, you are younger than me so it is not an age thing.

BradyLee said...

Nerdiest post ever.

What a confusing time in history that must have been for you people. I'm glad I wasn't born yet to live through that! : )

Love you bro!

Rudy said...

Awesome. Kate Bush is my guilty pleasure. The cover song was just eerie and good, at the same time.