Friday, December 7, 2007

Prince Caspian

Now I can't decide if I am more excited about this, the X-files movie, or summer Greek. Anyway, here is the first trailer for the new Chronicles of Narnia film, enjoy.


Brady said...

You and I have a similar problem. We are so sarcastic that sometimes its hard to tell when we are joking... Are you excited about this movie or not?

Alan said...

You are so right about that, sorry. Actually I am looking forward to this film and the reason I am looking forward to summer Greek is because by July I should be able to test out of Greek and not have to take Greek and Hebrew concurrently. I am most likely going to Westminster in CA by the way.

Anonymous said...

That makes sense. I raised my eyebrow at you wanting to take Greek, but that makes sense. And X-files is one of those things that people either hate or love.

This is Brady by the way. I just didn't want to sign in.