Sunday, December 9, 2007


I have recently subscribed to "Human Events" in an effort to prepare for this coming election year. I am about as conservative as they come but since I started studying theology on an academic level have found myself woefully uninformed. I was beginning to like Mike Huckabee but in my first weekly issue found an article reporting his almost total lack of conservatism. Augustine over at "A Priori Assumptione" has done a post I am linking to mainly because he uses the words "twit," "stooge," and "nincompoop."

A priori assumptione: President?


Mark M said...

You know about the Patriot Post, right? It is essential reading for conservatives, especially Christian conservatives. The executive editor, Mark Alexander, says he is a "recovering Episcopalian -- currently a visitor in a Presbyterian (PCA) congregation."

Their rundown on the candidates is here. Short answer: Thompson and Hunter are their top 2 picks.

Alan said...

Yeah, Hunter is my first choice but I think he is virtually out of the running. I will check it out, thanks. I am not aware of that publication.